About Coaching

What is it?  It is about discovering who you are (self awareness), unveiling what you wish to accomplish in your life (dreams, passion, legacy) and taking the steps to get there (design and move forward with your personal and professional goals).

How does it work? As your thinking partner, we will meet and engage in deep conversations. We will help you find clarity, overcome obstacles, challenge you to explore uncharted territories and hold you accountable for your actions. All information is kept confidential.

Who benefits from it? Everyone benefits from it. Whether you are a student looking for directions in life, a professional seeking a career change, a parent searching for a life balance or a baby boomer planning a retirement, you will find that coaching offers you fresh perspectives, organic reflections and meaningful experiences. Your personal change will lead to other positive changes around you, like a ripple effect.

What is the difference between counselling and life coaching? Counselling focuses more on the past. Coaching focuses more on the present and the future.

What do people talk about in a coaching session?  Topics can include your challenges, goals or dreams in any area of your life… such as money, career, relationship, business, fun and recreation, etc…


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